Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painted Turtle Arts Camp 2012

Painted Turtle Arts Camp, a new collaborative arts-based project designed for young native children in Ontario will be introduced and highlighted. Created by the vision of Sarina Condello, this native and non-native pilot program (sponsored by Friends of Noah Canada and The Big Little Caravan of Joy) will empower children through the exploration of native culture and creativity. Facilitated primarily by Native performing artists, this camp will unleash the child’s creative spirit while also bringing about a cohesive sense of community and creative expression.


Jennifer Wilmot said...

Hi, I would like to receive more information regarding the Canadian First Nations Communities who actively particepated with the Big Little Caravan of Joy?

Mark Ostaffy said...

Hi Sarina!
Thank you so much for your visit to Sachigo, the projects your team did with the children where fun and engaging. Creative spirit was brought out and showcased for the entire community on Friday's presentation and i definately enjoyed spectating. My appreciation to you and your whole team for their enthusiasm and energy!