Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And the race begins...

WHEW.....Finally after two years of compiling, writing and compressing and getting all fancy and putting it on for my head shots...( Michael was I have a new look for my Web Site. Hurray! A big thanks to Cary Laudadio for designing my logo. But even a bigger thanks for the team at Boomart Designs. This could not have been pulled off with the generosity and ingenuity of Fredrik Carlberg and the creative genius of Cory McDonald. He's the dude of the month. How lucky am I to have a connection with one of the greatest designers around..( Sooooo lucky!

This year is going to be a stellar one at that. My newest piece co-created with my beloved uncle, Giuseppe Condello ( and Mayumi Seiler's chamber orchestra ( in February will be a performance not to be missed. We will be working with a piece by Stravinsky titled: Appolon Musagete. The piece will explore the three muses of Apollo: Calliope- The Muse of Poetry, Polyhymnia- The Muse of Mime and Terpsichorean- The Muse of Dance and Song, through the art of corporeal mime. This is going to be held at the Glenn Gould Theatre on February 7th and 8th.

My Documentary will be ready by November! Brian Noon at Traffik Edit ( has painstakingly cut, cut and sewn together a work of art from my Tanzanian trip at The Olive Branch Orphanage run by the formidable Deborah McCracken. The premise of this documentary, With My Hands, is to capture the beauty, vulnerability, and creative spirit of the children and youth from Tanzania and Canada ( my three kids.. Kyra, Quentin and Teya) as they interact with one another through their exploration of the arts. Its purpose is to encourage awareness in the art of compassion and the importance of supporting others in need; in this case the children orphaned by AIDS in Tanzania. I really hope to promote the notion that creative arts and play is an easy common ground for learning and healing when working with children. It is the ultimate goal of this documentary to inspire African AIDS Orphans’ creative abilities, hopes and dreams. The sound track of KIHUMBE, the tanzanian drama and dance troupe is joyful and creates a rich tapestry for the stunning scenes. Thanks to Anthony and Chrisse at Circus Remedy for supporting KIHUMBE. ( The CD for the film will be released at the same time as the doc. Tony at Boomtang Boys ( mixed the sound of KIHUMBE 's recording. Both Brian and Tony are donating their time and efforts to get this message out. Like guardian angels they affirm this work.
I am filled with gratitude.

Aging is a normal, natural part of the human life-span. But in this ridiculously youth centered environment we begin to marginalize our community members around the age of…?? ( 40 maybe?) Inspired by my trip to Africa where the elders are honoured and revered I wanted to create a venue for my elders that were living in my immediate community. And so began the idea of taking my Vintage Dance Troupe ( all over 60 years of age) to Africa to perform with their sisters from Ghana. These senior artists expand the elder image and have influenced my general belief about getting older. Really, this is my attempt at looking at the way an elder presence can support the arts community, promote intergenerational cohesion and demonstrate how a creative artistic life-span approaches. We will leave for Ghana to perform in the village of Dagbamete during the festival on March 18th. Kwasi Dunyo ( will be accompanying all of us to his village. This is going to be a trip of a life time!

My book, co- written with the brilliant Vivian Saffer, sets out an inspiring, innovative model to guide and educate children. THREADS, A New Paradigm for Parents and Educators incorporates principles from cutting edge scientific theories in quantum physics with gems and jewels from other masters in the field of child rearing and education. Here is an approach that holds a way of being with children that has never before been discussed to this extent, published or written. Some of these modalities have been an enormous value to us individually. We are hoping to get this out by February 2008.

A trip to Cuba during the jazz festival is also on the table. Friends and fellow dancers will leave on February 11th -18th to take in some of Old Havana and enrich our salsa and folkloric dance vocabulary.. Want to come along?

And my adorable studio remains alive and well. This is my tenth year of operation. Six musicals, dance classes and celebrations are all planned and ready to go for 2007-2008. Once again, the ever so talented Sheila Philcox will be my musical director. She plays the piano like a full blown orchestra.

My dearest friend Amy Sky has interviewed me for her new Pod Cast show called Soul Mechanics. Check it out in October.

And finally I would like to give special thanks to my tested, tried and true friend, the one and only... Mr. Darren Shearer! He has given his time and talents to guide, direct and support my ever so fumbling, bumbling technological nature by contributing to the construction and creation of my web page, documentary, power points, key notes, kid's programs, plumbing and.... the list goes on. He is always there when I need him.

And so begins a year of dance, travel, connection to community and adventure. How blessed am I to have this big, bright world right at my finger tips. So very blessed. You are blessed too. I leave you with light and love and one more thought-

If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes. If you don't wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes. ~Senegalese Proverb