Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Big Little Caravan of Joy Visits Burkina Faso 2014!

This fall SEMAFO Foundation invited the Big Little Caravan of Joy back to visit their rural communities in Burkina Faso. Once again, we had the privilege of implementing  our highly dynamic arts based program for over 1640 children. Our last visit, back in 2012, was such a tremendous success that the children and artists asked monthly for our return! What a joy it was to finally go back to the communities a second time, so that we could reunite with our cherished team, friends and the beautiful children.

Our vision was simple. We wanted to deliver and share, with the children from these small rural communities, the rapturous joy, inherent intelligence and healing power of the arts. For many children, the exploration of the arts was a place where they felt safe and off the hook for a moment, from being caregivers and laborers in their communities. From the child’s perspective, this arts based program was not only a simple solution in creating a safe platform to express and explore their individuality, but it was also a place where they had the chance to celebrate their childhood in the spirit of creativity and play. 

Creative problem solving was yet another aspect to our program while implementing our arts based curriculum. We as facilitators see the arts as a place where children have the chance to constantly grapple with solving problem skills. These challenges unfold naturally in the process of art making.This in fact, lays down the groundwork for the acquisition of new found knowledge. Our methodology this time around included cooperative games, dances from around the world, song and chants, a theatre performance by the children, drama games and a handful of fabulous visual arts projects too!

 A big bouquet of gratitude goes out to all of our supporters who made this venture possible. Thank you to Chantal Guerin at SEMAFO Foundation for believing in the program. Our  Team Joy Burkina Faso was on fire and without their expertise and the guidance, love, energy and devotion of Damarise Ste. Marie and Bailey Davis this project would not have been possible!


August 27-29 - COMMUNITY: Dangouna -  275
August 31-September 2-COMMUNITY:  Wona A- 400
September 3-5- COMMUNITY: Wona B - 325
September 7-9- COMMUNITY: Bana A - 200
September 10-12- COMMUNITY: Bana B - 240
September 13-15-COMMUNITY: Bissa - 115
September 16-18- COMMUNITY: Somana - 85

TOTAL 1640 children

Each community listed above has now received 15-17 hours of arts based programming. 
A community show for each school was also included. Each community did 3-7 art projects. Curriculum was translated from French to Local languages by the team. Drama, dance, art and songs were focused and taught for approximately one hour for each subject. Cooperative games took up the other hour.

The Burkina Faso Team: Sarina Condello, Bailey Davis, Damarise Ste. Marie, Dao La Sunni, Amada, Aruna, Musa, Aruna (petite), Modu, Ibrihim, Amidou, Dao Yacuba, Konete Sema, Unosa and Boubacar.

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