Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 Days I leave for AFRICA and I am FREAKED!

Dear Family, Friends and Loved Ones!

Thank you so very much for all your love and friendship! It is because of your dedication and belief in my work that the tour with The Big Little Caravan of Joy is actually happening! I am only 7 days from my departure for my three month adventure in Africa. I am flabbergasted, overwhelmed, scared and excited all at the same time!

My African Tour will travel to:
Swaziland, June 10th - 24th (100 educators, 300 kids)
South Africa, June 25th - July 17th (350 child care workers, 250 kids)
Zimbabwe, July 18th - July 30th (40 child care workers, 200 kids)
Ghana, July 31st- August 21st (20 educators, 250 kids)

In total:
1,500 Participants (Including all conference participants, children and educators)
50 African artists hired
13 Canadians volunteering
4 Countries in 3 months ... OH MY GOODNESS!!

The biggest news of course is my International Arts Conference in South Africa that will be taking place on July 1-3, 2011! This will be a HISTORIC EVENT IN ALL WAYS! This has never, ever happened before. 350 child care workers will be bussed to Durban to partake in a weekend conference. For many of these women they have never left their village or township before. For some, this will be the first time they see the ocean!! The Empowered Noah Child (ENC) and the EAC Conference in Swaziland is an international conference organized and directed by myself on behalf of Noah, PET and in conjunction with The Big Little Caravan of Joy. The goal of the conference is to embody the spirit of the performing arts, culture and play so as to give rise to the authentic and creative spirit of the Noah child. The programme has been created and designed specifically to inspire Child Activity Co-ordinators through the performing arts, and the magic of creative play in order to empower the young child. I am doing the same in Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Ghana too!

Please keep me in your prayers. It requires much grit, intrepidity and and will power to deliver this program to so many who live in challenging circumstances. My passionate purpose in creating light, where there is much darkness for small and vulnerable children, is much stronger than my lack of courage. For many times I am in utter disbelief with all that I have created and the whole thing can be quite intimidating!

I do hope that you will enjoy your summer! I send you a big hug from cyberspace.
Much Love,

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