Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's Imagine!

Today is the day of a most historic event titled " The Empowered African Child Conference"! IT is about to be put in ACTION so that the lives of Swazi children will be uplifted to a place of sustainable empowerment and profound joy. I have worked so hard for the last year on this event and also "The Empowered Noah Child Conference". Without the guidance of the beloved Nicholas Mamba I do not think this would be possible to execute with such grace. I humbly thank him for all that he has done. Another big thanks goes to Sandile Ndzimandze who has been working hard in the background, helping us with all the logistics needed in order to put on such an event. And without darling Damarise Ste. Marie I would feel disconnected from the Earth. Simply, I love these Swazi men who have been by my side for the last 2 summers, making sure that this magical change for all the children in this country, would happen during our lifetimes! I thank them humbly for not only looking out for me but for working around the clock to support this work in their country.

I will also be proposing a new program for these children where they will not only imagine themselves entering a place of new-found freedom and joy but in actuality, they will be EXPERIENCING themselves that way! I will end the conference with these words, for it is within the sacred container of the imagination that we begin planting seeds of change and possibility for the future.

Let's Imagine

Let’s imagine that we all give children a chance to speak their truth.

Let’s imagine that we give children time to dance, sing, paint, dance and dance some more.

Let’s imagine that boys, girls, men and women can see the beauty in our differences and the power in our similarities.

Let’s imagine that all Swazi educators, arts educators have time to rest, play, and get the support they need.

Let’s imagine that we all are present for our children and all the children we come across.

Let’s imagine that the system is designed not to judge our days by what our harvest has reaped but by the all the seeds we have all planted.

Let’s imagine that we allowed children to do what they love.

Let’s imagine that charity is an imperative aspect to our society.

Let’s imagine that early childhood education was viewed by our society as the one of the most important professions.

Let’s imagine that we all maintain the capacity for life long wonder.

Who knows? If we play it for all it's worth, we might just make it happen.

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sandile - swaziland said...

great staff Sarina hope it continues for as long as we live!